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Reading: Prosodic word deletion in coordinate structures


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Research Paper

Prosodic word deletion in coordinate structures


Marina Vigário ,

ILCH, Universidade do Minho
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Sónia Frota

Faculdade de Letras, da Universidade de Lisboa
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Prosodic word deletion in partially identical coordinate structures (DUI) is a rather general phenomenon across languages. In this paper, new data is presented that contributes to a cross-linguistic understanding of the deletion process. Its phonological nature is supported by an array of prosodic requirements on the deleted unit, its counterpart, the remnant, and the way the coordinate sequence is prosodically phrased, showing that a pure morpho-syntactic analysis of DUI is unattainable. On the other hand, it is also shown that syntax constrains DUI as well. These properties are argued to be general and the cross-linguistic variation found is shown to result from prosodic differences that the languages independently display. It is further argued that DUI is fundamentally different from syntactic ellipsis phenomena. The account proposed places this process at the syntax-phonology interface without any further addition to constrained models of syntax-phonology interaction.
How to Cite: Vigário, M., & Frota, S. (2002). Prosodic word deletion in coordinate structures. Journal of Portuguese Linguistics, 1(2), 241–264. DOI:
Published on 31 Dec 2002.
Peer Reviewed


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