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Reading: The Grammatical Function of Papiamentu Tone


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Research Paper

The Grammatical Function of Papiamentu Tone


Silvia Kouwenberg

Department of Language, Linguistics & Philosophy, University of the West Indies, Jamaica, JM
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I propose that tone in Papiamentu is a marker of the morphosyntactic category of a given form. Its primary function, therefore, is grammatical. This account of Papiamentu tone differs from previously proposed accounts, which treat tone in Papiamentu as a lexical property (Römer, 1991; Rivera-Castillo, 1998) or as a purely phonological property (Devonish & Murray, 1995).
How to Cite: Kouwenberg, S. (2004). The Grammatical Function of Papiamentu Tone. Journal of Portuguese Linguistics, 3(2), 55–69. DOI:
Published on 30 Sep 2004.
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