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Reading: Raising Issues in Brazilian and European Portuguese


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Research Paper

Raising Issues in Brazilian and European Portuguese


Ana Maria Martins ,

Dept. de Linguística Geral e Românica, Faculdade de Letras da, Universidade de Lisboa, Alameda da Universidade, 1600-214 Lisboa, Portugal, PT
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Jairo Nunes

Dept. de Lingüística, FFLCH, Universidade de São Paulo, Av. Prof. Luciano Gualberto 403, Cidade Universitária, 05508-900 São Paulo, SP, Brasil, BR
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This paper presents a comparative investigation contrasting Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese with respect to raising constructions. We provide an account of the attested fluctuation among raising, control, and impersonal constructions based on the Case- and θ-properties of the structures involved in each dialect. We also discuss the pervasive spreading of raising constructions (including cases of overt and “covert” hyper-raising) in Brazilian Portuguese and its relation to the loss of referential null subjects in this dialect.
How to Cite: Martins, A. M., & Nunes, J. (2005). Raising Issues in Brazilian and European Portuguese. Journal of Portuguese Linguistics, 4(2), 53–77. DOI:
Published on 31 Dec 2005.
Peer Reviewed


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