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Reading: Conjoined Constraints and Phonological Acquisition


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Research Paper

Conjoined Constraints and Phonological Acquisition


Giovana Bonilha

Universidade Católica de Pelotas Brasil, BR
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Since the start of Optimality Theory (Prince & Smolensky, 1993), research on phonological acquisition has explored the explanatory potential of constraint theories. This study, also based on Optimality Theory, attempts to analyze the acquisition of CVVC syllable structure by Brazilian Portuguese children and addresses the issue of Local Conjunction (Smolensky, 1995, 1997) in research that deals with problems of phonological acquisition.
How to Cite: Bonilha, G. (2003). Conjoined Constraints and Phonological Acquisition. Journal of Portuguese Linguistics, 2(2), 7–30. DOI:
Published on 31 Dec 2003.
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