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Reading: Generic and Weak Demonstratives: The Realm of Kinds


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Research Paper

Generic and Weak Demonstratives: The Realm of Kinds


Renato Miguel Basso ,

Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Rua Padre Teixeira, 1370, ap. 113, São Carlos – SP, CEP 13561-050 Brazil, BR
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Roberta Pires de Oliveira

Universidade Federal do Paraná/CNPq, Rua Itapiranga, 200, bloco 2, apto 202, Itacorubi CEP:88034-480. Florianópolis, SC. Brazil, BR
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In this paper we present a unified analysis of generic and weak interpretations of definite (DEF) and demonstrative (DEM) descriptions. In such contexts, the DEF only denotes the kind, whereas the DEM cannot denote the maximal node of a taxonomy. We claim that this contrast can be explained if we transpose Wolter’s (2006) semantics to the domain of kinds, a domain of taxonomies. The paper presents this proposal, which is also an argument against the direct referential treatment of demonstratives.
How to Cite: Basso, R. M., & Oliveira, R. P. de . (2015). Generic and Weak Demonstratives: The Realm of Kinds. Journal of Portuguese Linguistics, 14(1), 45–62. DOI:
Published on 30 Jun 2015.
Peer Reviewed


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