Published: 08/06/22

This collection explores the possibility of extrapolating change within synchronic data from Contemporary Portuguese. The papers provide indications as to the future development of the grammar(s) of the world language Portuguese in the 21st century.

Published: 13/05/21

This special collection follows an ongoing trend towards data based research in linguistics. It unites works applying state of the art empirical methods to the study of Portuguese and sheds light on potentials and limitations of this type of research.

Published: 09/10/20

This volume includes five papers on aspects of the syntax and semantics of nativizing African varieties of Portuguese (Angola, Mozambique, São Tomé), assessing the factors that underlie language change and variation in multilingual settings from a comparative perspective.

Published: 25/02/20

This special collection brings together laboratory researchers from different continents working on various aspects of Portuguese phonology. The topics discussed range from classical, such as nasalization and vowel reduction, to interdisciplinary, such as L1 and L2 acquisition.

Published: 16/11/18

The five papers in this volume focus on the grammaticisation and the circulation of descriptions of South Asian languages produced by linguists avant la lettre from the 16th century onwards.