Coming Soon: Special Collection - Emergent and future change in Contemporary Portuguese grammar
Posted by Marisa Cruz on 2022-06-08

The papers reunited in this collection explore the possibility of extrapolating change within synchronic data from Contemporary Portuguese, investigating the potential of a predictive historical linguistics. They provide indications as to the future development of the grammar(s) of the world language Portuguese in the [...]

Coming Soon:  Special Collection - Possession and location in African varieties of Portuguese
Posted by OLH Janeway on 2021-07-15

Collection launched: 09 Oct 2020 In the last three decades, African varieties of Portuguese (AVP) have become the object of an increasing body of research focusing on emerging patterns and features that are often argued to have arisen due to language contact in an environment of L2 acquisition. This work generally focuses on a single variety, applies highly diverse methodologies, and [...]